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Rejuvenate your skin, Ease your mind and Indulge your soul, naturally! At Inner Insights Spa we use all natural earth based nutrients to detoxify and rejuvenate all of you. Our SPA therapies consist of freshly blended botanical infusions, pure essential oils, & other vital nutrients to quench & replenish your skin, awhile aiding to re-balance your mind and spirit. You deserve customized natural beauty skincare maintenance today. 2 for 1 treatments to all cancer and H.I.V. clients. 25% off for all military & veterans (except with R.M.T.’s, no discounts apply). Must be mentioned at time of booking. Welcome Bridal Parties, Corporate Wellness Days; Group Rates. You Deserve this Decadence! Visit our Goddess Pamper Packages or Wellness Seminars under workshops for more ideas!


Registered Massage Therapist (R.M.T.)

Our Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) are specially trained to treat injuries with accelerated rehabilitation, relieve deep aches, reduce repetitive strains, and enhance athletic performance. If you have benefits for massage through your employment, automobile insurance, or compensation, an RMT is required. Mobile Spa services are available in London for an additional $20. Massage therapists can also incorporate essential oils into their treatments for enhanced physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

Read More 35 mins - $50 60 mins - $84 90 mins - $125 Hot Stone - $135

Aromatherapy Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage

We blend the benefits of essential oils with Swedish Massage to encourages tranquility & mental clarity while enhancing pain and inflammatory relief. If desired, we can accommodate deep tissue work with elbow work, & Shiatsu acupressure points. In room service offered to hotels, golf courses, B&B’s, parties & private establishments. Mobile Spa services are available in London for an additional $20.

Read More 35 mins - $43 60 mins - $70 90 mins - $105 2.5 hours - $170


Hot Stone Massage

A relaxing, heavenly full body massage. Heat melts away all tension from your muscles. A profoundly peaceful experience. Hot Stone Massage can increase circulation, mood and alleviate pain. We signature our Hot Stone Massage by massaging with stones as well as strategically placing stones along nerves, chakras, in palms, between toes. Relax while releasing tension. We pride ourselves in offering the most luxurious, complete and seamless hot stone treatment you can imagine. Mobile Spa services are available in London for an additional $20.

Read More 90 mins - $110 70 mins (2 Therapists) - $130 90 mins (RMT) - $135

Salt Glow & Mud Backpack

Exfoliate and soothe your back with a botanical and salt scrub. A re-mineralizing mud backpack will detoxify, nourish, and tone your back. We use warm, herbal soaked flannels to cleanse and tighten pores. Finish off with a heavenly Swedish back massage.


Read More 60 mins - $75
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Fabulous Facial

A delicate botanical bath exfoliates and stimulates your skin. A mask of select clay, algae, and fruit draws out impurities, re-mineralizes, and tones. Melt into a masterful massage to relax your mind and reveal soft, supple, glowing skin. Learn about natural beauty home care tips and nutrients for maintaining radiant, healthy skin. Add Salt Glow Scrub for acne or boils (complimentary) Add hot stones for headaches and TMJ release (complimentary)


Read More 60 mins - $70

Hot Oil Scalp Massage

De-stress the mind while we nourish your hair and scalp with a sensational massage. A select blend of essential oils and pure jojoba oil penetrates, tones, and treats the scalp, leaving your hair with a lustrous, brilliant shine. Mobile Spa available in London-$20.

Read More 35 mins - $44

 Floating feet spa300x300

Eco Foot and Hand Spa

Enjoy a Floating Feet Spa and a Heavenly Hands Spa

Read More 60 mins - $60 ($15 for paint)
 seaweed wrap

Sea Weed Body Wrap

A hot botanical scrub cleanses pores and promotes deep detoxification. The body is painted in seaweed to smooth out fatty build up (workout the cottage cheese look), tone, tighten, re-mineralize, and soften your skin. Sweet serenity arrives with a deeply relaxing Swedish back massage. Enjoy silky soft skin as we breakdown the fatty deposits, exfoliate pimples, and accelerate healing eczema or dermatitis. If you are travelling south and want to hold your tan longer, a body wrap before a sunny destination is ideal. This deep care is a great seasonal deep skin care treatment. Extra seaweed, Cacao, or pure essential oils are all complimentary.

Read More 2.5 hours - $175

Spa Day Glow

Indulge in a 6 hour Spa Day to Relax and Rejuvenate your Self or a loved one.  Natural & Delicious Nurturing.  Our ingredients are so natural you could eat them. Botanical Facial, Hot Oil Scalp Massage, Seaweed Body Wrap, Hands & Feet Spa, and Aromatherapy Massage; Includes herbal teas, cleansing lunch and freshly squeezed juice.  You deserve this decadance!

Read More6 hours - $435

Dr. Bernard Jensen's Iridology Chart

Nutritional Consultation & Iridology Assessment

Eyes are the windows to much …Due for a detox,  want to shed a few unwanted pounds and enjoy more energy?

Are you ready to cleanse, rejuvenate, and revitalize yourself? An iridology reading gains valuable insight into the reflex that may represent the state of vital organs, glands, and tissues in the body.  Have a specific health concern you want holistic help with?  Talk to Stephie…

 Read More45–60 mins - $160 Two 1 hour appts - $260 (Under 16 - $175)



Do you love having your feet worked on.  This is an hour of heavenly healing thru comfortable pressure to the feet.

Reflexology is a healing therapy designed to cleanse, relax, and restore balance to each tissue, organ and gland’s natural function. It aids in cleansing, strengthening, and restoring balance to the body’s systems.

Read More60 mins - $60


Reiki is a  holistic, light-touch, energy-based modality. It can help to release emotional weights and blockages that no longer serve you.  Opening chakras can aid reduce physical pain while easing stress and grounding an individual.

Read More60 mins - $60